Online education

Our innovative online learning program.

Online education

GP365 is your online GP learning platform. GP365 is made available to you in your hospital year to explore and familiarise yourself with its resources. It becomes the foundation to your formal education and assessments in GPT1/PRRT1 and GPT2/PRRT2. The GP365 program has three essential elements:

Learning Essentials

Divided into 22 education modules, these are basic foundation topics for all GP registrars. The modules cover the most common conditions encountered in general practice and are the foundation for in-practice teaching. Learning Essentials is divided into 110 Key Clinical Activities (KCAs). Each Learning Essential module has five KCAs which are to be completed by you, the GP registrar and assessed by your GP supervisor.


The GP365 assessments are formative workplace-based programmatic assessments.

Critical Case Analysis (CCA) presentations

For each CCA, one consultation is selected and critically analysed by you. Five of your CCAs are to be presented over 12 months at regional education days. These presentations do not require any GP supervisor involvement.

For more information, please see the 2020.1 GP Registrar Handbook.