We are here to help you achieve exam success.

Exam success

We are here to help you best prepare for your fellowship exams with a range of online modules, workshops and video conference sessions hosted by WAGPET and the GP colleges. These include:

WAGPET Regional Education Day - A workshop day dedicated to exam preparation for GPT2/PRRT2 registrars sitting the OSCE exam in the following semester.

RACGP mock OSCE workshop – Hosted at the WAGPET offices, a workshop to prepare RACGP for their OSCE exam.

RACGP OSCE Exam Preparation Workshop – A workshop to assist RACGP registrars in their preparation for their fellowship exams.

ACRRM StAMPS Video Conference Sessions – Four optional exam preparation sessions for ACRRM registrars enrolled in the Primary Curriculum (PC) StAMPS and the Emergency Medicine (EM) StAMPs.

ACRRM Case-Based Discussion (CBD) Video Conference Sessions – Two optional exam preparation cases for ACRRM registrars each semester who are enrolled in the CBD exam.

WAGPET provides support to registrars to achieve success when repeating the exam or assessment. These interventions require registrar reflection on their performance and review of their learning and study plans. The intervention and support offered to GP registrars is tailored according to the specific exam component in which the registrar has been unsuccessful and also according to how many times the registrar has already sat that exam component. Intervention and support may include one on one or group sessions with a medical educator. These sessions cover exam technique and discussing learning and study plans focussing on knowledge gaps. They also include identifying resources which may assist in study. For more information on exam support and remediation, please refer to the 2020.1 WAGPET Registrar Handbook.