The Placement Process

The annual placement process secures registrars with placements and training facilities with employees.

The annual placement process enables registrars to secure training facility placements and training facilities to employ registrars for the following year.
WAGPET assists with this process by displaying training facility capacity on the Facility Finder

Based on feedback, we are providing registrars with two options this year to find placements for 2019 - manual matching or automated matching.

We are introducing manual matching this year to enable registrars to secure placements at training facilities without submitting placement preferences as part of the automated matching process. If a training facility interviews you and wishes to employ you at their facility, they need to let us know and we will confirm the match manually once we receive an email confirmation from you and the training facility.

National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER)
GP Registrar Handbook
GP Registrar Policy Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions for Registrars