The Placement Process

The annual placement process secures registrars with placements and training facilities with employees.

Each year, you must complete the MyMatch placement and re-enrolment process through the Western Australian General Practice Education and Training (WAGPET) UX. This annual process ensures your ongoing enrolment with the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program and helps you secure training facility placements and employment for the following training year.

WAGPET assists with this process by displaying training facility capacity on the Facility Finder

It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete the process each year. Failure to complete the annual placement matching process may result in you being withdrawn from the AGPT program.

MyMatch Placement Process:

Consider your training plan and requirements for the following year
From January to March consider having discussions with any prospective practices. Seek advice from your Regional Medical Educator (RME) and/or Program Training Advisor (PTA) as needed
From April to August, if you have not located a training facility, visit the WAGPET website Facility Finder to see available practices and their training capacity
Contact the practice and make arrangements for employment at their site. This may require you to attend an interview.
Following the discussions with the practice, if there is agreement between yourself and the practice, confirm and submit your placement within the WAGPET UX.
If the facility confirms the placement, WAGPET will review the details of the match.
If WAGPET confirms the match meets the program requirements, you will receive a confirmation that your placement is agreed.
Following this, your PTA will contact you to complete the AGPT form requirements (please refer to the AGPT form section).

If you have not been matched by the end of August, you will need to visit the to view the remaining training facility capacityWAGPET will assist by contacting training facilities and GP registrars to discuss placement options, however, we are unable to guarantee that a placement will be available.

For further detail, refer to the GPR4.0 Enrolment, Placement and Employment Policy in the WAGPET GP Registrar Policy Handbook.

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