Aboriginal Health Training

Gain skills and experience by working in Aboriginal Medical Services across WA.

Aboriginal Health Training

General practice is at the frontline of community health.

Each day, GPs investigate and analyse how culture, psychological and sociological circumstance affect people’s health and experience of disease. GPs use that understanding to empower patients to lead healthier lives.

At WAGPET, we offer a training program in a supportive and culturally-safe environment for the community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander registrars.

We work closely with cultural mentors who help support GP registrars in providing safe healthcare to our communities. We have also altered our training program to ensure our registrars are provided with the information they need to be a culturally-safe GP.

If you are passionate about Aboriginal health and want to provide a deeper level of care to our communities, you can specialise in Aboriginal health with us. This means you will have the opportunity to:

  • work on the frontline of closing the gap
  • provide continuity of care to remote communities who need it most
  • work together in a multidisciplinary team towards permanent health solutions.
Cultural awareness courses and resources

Aboriginal health training resources
ICAT Online
Marr Mooditj Cultural Awareness

Please refer to the 2020.1 WAGPET GP Registrar Handbook for more information on specialising in Aboriginal health on the AGPT program.

Contact our Rural Program Manager to discuss Aboriginal health training.