Rural Placements

What does GP training in rural Western Australia have to offer?

Rural Placements

WAGPET delivers the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program to GP registrars in Western Australia, offering the highest quality education and training in rural, outer metro and inner city settings to prepare them to sit their fellowship exams with RACGP and/or ACRRM and qualify as a GP.

General practice is a diverse profession and Western Australia is a diverse state. Undertaking GP training in WA offers you a unique experience of learning from excellent and experienced practising GPs in the beautiful west part of Australia. In your training, you will have the opportunity to work and live in many different parts of the state, from Albany to Port Hedland and everywhere between. You can mould your practice to suit your professional, personal and family needs. There are opportunities to practise independently in a variety of urban and rural areas from admitting your own patients to the local hospital in a rural town to working in a corporate practice in Perth. You can train and develop advanced skills, such as obstetrics and anaesthetics. The ability to practise as a GP obstetrician or anaesthetist is available in urban areas as well as rural areas of WA.

Designed to reflect the flexibility and variety a career in general practice, WAGPET’s delivery of the AGPT program allows you to tailor your training to build the best foundations for your future.

Registrar Rural Support Payment

WAGPET provides some financial support to registrars working in designated rural and remote locations.

Eligible registrars will receive one support payment per semester. This is based on the registrar's training location, Modified Monash Model (MMM) classification, training term level and training FTE weeks.

The support payment is provided to assist with some of the costs incurred by registrars undertaking eligible training terms in designated traing locations. The support payment is not intended to cover all costs associated with rural and/or remote training.

Registrars are responsibile for managing their own financial commitment that is necessary to enable their completion of training, such as, coordinating and funding their own relocation requirements, managing costs associated with attending workshops/exams, managing costs of living in a rural and/or remote area.

It is your responsibility to secure accommodation for your training term. Some training facilities may lease accommondation to registrars, however, this should be discussed during your contract negotiations. Training facilities are not obliged to pay rent for registrars

For further details, please refer to the Rural Support Payment Policy in the WAGPET GP Registrar Policy Handbook.

If you are unsure if your circumstances entitle you to the Registrar Rural Support Payment, please discuss with your program training advisor.