Meet the Practice: Sexual Health Quarters

No day is the same as any other day at SHQ. Clients may include someone wanting to talk about contraceptive choices who also needs a cervical screening test, a person wanting an STI test because their partner has told them they have Chlamydia or someone who is not sure what to do about their unintended pregnancy and wants to find out about their options.

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Online placement preferences now closed

Registrars still yet to secure placements for 2019, can do so through the manual matching process.

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Journey to fulfil a childhood dream

Dr Fergus McCabe - GP Registrar
Dr Fergus McCabe, the joint winner of the 2014 WAGPET Registrar of the Year Award, can recall exactly when he decided to become a doctor. It was Christmas, he was eight years old and his mother had nearly died of a brain haemorrhage due to an intra-cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM).
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