South West

The growing South West offers a diverse economy, extensive mineral wealth, agricultural and viticulture industries, timber products and more.

The South West is close enough to Perth for friends and family to visit, or for weekends in the city, but local attractions and the outdoor lifestyle will keep you there. Surfing breaks and bushwalking trails – rivers to canoe – good sporting facilities and competitive team sports will fill in your spare time.

Country folk make grateful and accepting patients, presenting a wide variety of work for you. Good support with laboratories, imaging and specialist backup allow for an independence you will not have experienced to now.

For those who have procedural skills, there are areas where you may use these talents. The Education Program is in its infancy but registrars praise that it is GP focused with enthusiastic, knowledgeable presenters. The format offers a social get together in the full day sessions with small group interaction.

The region enjoys a moderate climate with maximum temperatures from 20c to low 30c during summer (December to February) falling to 17-20c during winter (June to August). Minimum temperatures vary from 8-10c in winter and average approximately 16c in summer. Autumn (March to May) and spring (September to November) are particularly pleasant months to visit when the surrounding countryside is attractively green and the region is often blessed with sunny, moderate days.