WAGPET GP registrar wins Royal Australian College of General Practice award

Dr Hilaire Dufour has achieved the highest marks in the 2016 Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE)

WAGPET registrar Dr Hilaire Dufour is one step closer to being a qualified GP after completing a four-hour exam where she had to work her way through numerous mock-patient scenarios and diagnose complex health issues. She successfully achieved the highest marks in the 2016 Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) and won a Royal Australian College of General Practice award for her efforts. 

Commenting on her achievement, Hilaire was thankful for the encouragement and amazing support she received from her supervisors Drs Stephen Adams, Peter Hernaman, David Van der Moezel and all the staff at WHFS.

Hilaire, who practises at the Women’s Health and Family Services and West Perth Medical Centre, said she was surprised to learn that she had topped the exam results.

“During the exam I tried to relax and pretend it was a normal day in GP practice,” she said. “The OSCE is an observed clinical exam with pretend patient scenarios involving history taking, examination and management.”

Not only does the exam test medical knowledge, it evaluates a doctor’s skills in time management, communication and lifestyle management.

“I enjoy the continuity of care in general practice and getting to know my patients better over time,” Hilaire said. “It’s a privilege to get to be involved in people’s lives as their GP.”

The OSCE is one of three exams that GP registrars need to pass to specialise in General Practice, and around 110 GP registrars sit the exam each year in Western Australia. The Fellowship exams focus on evaluating a GP’s core skills and their ability to practise safely, unsupervised, anywhere in Australia.

Hilaire said she started studying about three months ahead of the OSCE, utilising a study group to practice exam questions, plus participating in a WAGPET mock OSCE exam.

“Practicing questions from the Susan Wearne book and the General Practice Registrars Australia cases book with a study group was really helpful,” she said.

Hilaire hopes to specialise in women’s health, but plans to fit in some travelling in the near future.  “I like discussing options with patients and helping them work out which one is the best fit for them, which is something I get to do a lot of in women’s health.”