Region spotlight: Perth North East

Perth North East blends urban cool with raw natural beauty. Its heart is alive with small bars, creative restaurants and impressive street art along with schools, tafes and universities, historical buildings and cultural spaces. Definitely not to forget lush wineries and the chocolate and cheese shops of the Swan Valley. There are a large variety of family friendly activities and where you can watch amazing sunsets and have an afternoon with the kangaroos.

Perth North East offers a large array of training facilities from inner metro of the city to outer metro, all within driving distance. The variety of practice sizes from small and intimate to medium to large where you will no doubt find a study group to be part of.

The patients in Perth North East are diverse and come from varied ethnic backgrounds, cultures and socio-economic levels.

The region provides a large spectrum of rich learning and clinical exposure in the following areas:

Women's and men's health Aged care
Child and adolescent health Drug and alcohol
Chronic disease management Sexual and HIV health
Obstetrics and gynaecology Mental health
Aboriginal health Travel medicine
Diabetes Emergency medicine

You’ll be trained by passionate GP supervisors that enjoy teaching as well as having your own program training advisor who will guide you throughout your training time on the program.

To receive more information about Perth North East Region, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 08 9473 8200 or email us on