Operate at the height of your medical scope, be a rural generalist

Rural generalism is for Australia’s most passionate and innovative doctors. Hear from passionate rural generalists from WA's Kimberley region about the benefits of such a fulfilling career.

WAGPET is pleased to introduce the WA Rural Generalist Program (WARG), the medical specialty program for Australia's most passionate and innovative doctors. 

A rural generalist is a general practitioner operating at the height of their scope. They operate in a hospital in a rural environment, they do procedures, they are able to look after emergencies and basically look after the community in its whole.
It’s the most rewarding career. It’s actually the specialist in everything to do with rural healthcare. Ultimately, it is medicine with meaning. View the WA Rural Generalism program website HERE

Start your journey towards a career as a rural generalist by talking to WAGPET’s rural team. You can get in contact with them in a number of ways:

  • Call the WAGPET office on 08 9473 8200 and ask for a member of the rural team
  • Email the rural team on warg@wagpet.com.au
  • Live chat with us on our website, wagpet.com.au

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