Online placement preferences opening soon

Here are some frequently asked questions on what to do following an interview at a training facility. 

Online placement preferences are opening this Friday, 6 July 2018. As of Friday, all WAGPET registrars can submit their top three preferences on the Portal and if eligible, WAGPET will confirm the match with the training facility. All accredited WAGPET training facilities are now listed on the Facility Finder page on the website. For those that are new to the program, here are some freguently asked questions on what to do following an interview at a training facility. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is online placement preferences?
A: Online placement preferences is an online process which allows registrars and training facilities to preference each other. Following an interview with a accredited WAGPET training facility (a full list can be found on the Facility Finder page), parties can confirm their intention to be matched for a GP placement in 2019. You will enter a list of training facilities in order of preference via the UX Portal. If the training facility also lists you as their first preference and has capacity remaining, a placement will occur. 
You do have the option to interview with more than one facility, and list them in order of preference in the UX portal. You can advise the facility that you are using as your first preference if you wish. 

Q: I am currently completing my 12 month hospital term, do I need to start looking for practices for 2019? 
A: Yes, you will need to apply for positions at training facilities for each semester in 2019. This will include submitting applications to the training facilities and attending interviews.

Q: What if I don’t receive any responses from the practices I’ve approached?
A: As with any standard recruiting process, we would encourage you to apply to multiple practices to increase your chances in finding a suitable training facility.

Q: Am I able to work anywhere?
A: You must comply with your training pathway obligations as per the Training Obligations Policy, found in the GP Registrar Policy Handbook and the AGPT Training Obligations Policy