How AMA Membership can help you

Who are AMA(WA) and how can they help you?

The Australian Medical Association of Western Australia (AMAWA) recently gave WAGPET staff an insightful and helpful presentation on how they help their members and we thought we'd share it with you too.

What the AMA(WA) do:

  • Public advocacy
  • Negotiation of enterprise terms and conditions 
  • Local industrial representation
  • Individual professional advice and assistance 
  • Member-only seminars, workshops, and events

AMA(WA) and the Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation (ASMOF) has a proud history of negotiating the best terms and conditions for medical practitioners in both the public and private sectors, including working with WA Health, St John of God Hospital, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and the Red Cross.

Industrial representation includes helping you to understand your rights and obligations, which can be confusing, such as rosters, payslips, overtime, and leave entitlements, as well as working with private practitioners to provide personalised advice and employment contract templates to ensure compliance with the Fair Work Act. 

AMA staff can also offer members assistance and advice on:

  • Attendance at court as a witness
  • Privacy and confidentiality 
  • Handling difficult patients
  • Medical Board and registration issues
  • College training and program issues
  • Discrimination and bullying matters 

The AMA Fioundation also operates:

  • Dr Yes
  • Youth Friendly Doctor
  • Youth Services Directory

To find out more about being a member of AMA and how they can help you head to their website HERE