GP Registrar of the Year: Dr Hilaire Dufour

Dr Hilaire Dufour was announced WAGPET GP Registrar of the Year (2016)

GP registrar Dr Hilaire Dufour has been named WAGPET's 2016 GP Registrar of the Year.

Hilaire's nominator and GP supervisor, Dr Peter Hernaman, said patients "sang her praises" and continue to recall the excellent care Hilaire provided.

"Hilaire worked seamlessly as a member of the team at our Family Medical Practice, and was always on wonderful terms with the members of staff," he said.

"It came as no surprise and seemed most appropriate that she would win the Ted Gawthorne prize for the highest OSCE score in her exams [in 2016].

Hilaire said she was surprised and flattered to be nominated.

“To be honest I find GP constantly challenging - every day is different - and I have a lot to learn. I was lucky to have supervisors who were enthusiastic about teaching and to work in friendly environments where all the staff were so supportive,” she said. 

“General practice appeals to me because of the chance to get to know patients well and to be part of significant events in people's lives as well as help out with the day to day stuff.

“I like practicing preventative healthcare and getting the chance to make people healthier or intervene in the early stages of disease when you can make a big difference to outcomes.

appreciate the flexibility of a career in general practice and the chance to become more skilled in various areas depending on what interests you.”

Hilaire is now enjoying a well-earned break from work to do some travelling.

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