Doctors’ Health Advisory Service WA

Personal health resources for doctors, medical students and their families in WA.

There is a growing body of evidence which shows that doctors face unique barriers to accessing health care and often do not have a regular treating doctor, putting them at a greater risk of mental health issues and substance use problems. Research has shown that only 30-40% of doctors have their own general practitioner (Royal Australian College of Physicians (RACP), 2013). Doctors who do not have their own GP are likely to self-diagnose, self-treat and self-prescribe (RACP, 2013) and may seek informal professional input from a colleague, rather than a proper consultation with a treating doctor (RACP, 2013). These practices, as well as failure to connect with other appropriate health professionals or services can lead to poorer health outcomes in this group (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), 2011).

The Doctor’s Health Advisory Service of Western Australia (DHAS WA) is an organisation created by doctors, for doctors. Asking for help and entrusting your care to another doctor is a big step for many doctors. Historically, doctors are not good at having their own GP, nor in seeking psychiatric help if needed. This is where DHAS WA stepped in and created the doctors for doctors list. This list consists of doctors who are able to provide comprehensive and confidential care to other doctors, medical students and health professional patients as a priority. Currently, the list includes general practitioners and psychiatrists, with a plan to expand to other specialists including psychologists. You can access the list via the DHASWA website

Useful contacts 
P: (08) 9321 3098

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