Curtin Open Day

Curtin University Open Day 2019

On Sunday, 21 July, we were fortunate enough to be part of the Curtin University Open Day. Here, we had a double booth and ran three 30 minute workshops in the Curtin Medical School. We had help from our amazing RLOs, RMEs and PTAs, who gave up their Sundays to help out.

Our Clinical Director Rural and passionate rural generalist, Dr Chris Buck ran the Staying alive: emergency skills workshops. The three stations at the workshops were suturing, pelvic binding and IO gun/needle vascular entry, all activities easy enough for non-medical students to execute and understand.

We had a mostly a full house for each workshop with minimum 15 to 20 attendees as well as people watching from the sidelines! Participants seemed to really enjoy the hands on activities, it was also great to see our RMEs/RLOs in a teaching capacity.

Our RLOs had the opportunity to speak to a number of students and parents, of which a few already had a clear GP career path in mind. There were also a lot of questions from people who were considering medicine who were unaware of the pathway to GP or what happens after University.

We would like to thank the Curtin University Medical School for allowing us to contribute to their Open Day.