How to Become a GP Supervisor

Help us train the next generation of GPs.

Why become a GP supervisor?

If you have a passion for education and a desire to share your GP skills with the future GP workforce, then becoming a GP supervisor can be a very rewarding experience. It provides you with the chance to up-skill as an educator, keep abreast of innovations in the field, and creates an atmosphere of teaching and learning across the entire practice.

The time you need to spend with GP registrars depends upon their level of training, but the education component is not solely up to you to deliver. Other GPs and allied health practitioners can all contribute to providing the education required by GP registrars. Your job is to ensure their experience whilst placed at your practice prepares them to become competent and confident GPs.

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Accreditation overview

Accreditation of a GP supervisor for AGPT indicates that the supervisor and the practice are able and willing to provide GP registrars with the level of supervision, teaching and educational experience to support their progress through the Australian General Practice Training program. The GP supervisor must be an experienced GP, who is able to mentor the registrar.

A principal supervisor must be identified for every accredited practice. It is preferred that the practice also nominates additional supervisors as well.

The accreditation of practices is with ACRRM and/or RACGP, and to become accredited, practices must meet the standards set out by the college/s. 

ACRRM training facility standards

RACGP training facility standards

Accreditation is granted for a period of three years following approval. If there are any changes to the details of your original accreditation application, including training supervisor and practice manager positions, WAGPET is to be notified immediately in writing.

WAGPET undertakes ongoing monitoring and assessment of all accredited GP supervisors and training facilities, and conducts a formal reaccreditation review every three years to ensure the college standards continue to be met.

Supervisors should be aware that accreditation is site-specific and they are not able to transfer accreditation from one practice to another. If a supervisor moves to a new practice and wishes to continue supervising registrars on the program, an application for accreditation will need to be submitted for the new practice.

How to apply

To become an accredited GP supervisor, you will first need to speak with WAGPET to express your interest in hosting registrars and/or prevocational doctors. Your practice and the GPs in employment there will need to meet basic eligibility criteria before an application will be sent to you.

The minimum criteria are as follows:​

  • Minimum of one full-time general practitioner (principal supervisor) with previous teaching experience must be working at the site.
  • All supervisors must meet the minimum ACRRM and/or RACGP requirements.
  • All GPs supervising GP registrars must have full, unconditional registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

For more information, or to express an interest in becoming an accredited GP supervisor, please contact a member of the Central Team on (08) 9473 8200 or email

What is an Accredited Training Facility?

GP registrars must work in accredited training facilities during their involvement with the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program. Training facilities are accredited by either ACRRM or the RACGP (or both) depending on their location and the range of experience they can offer the GP registrar.


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