Training Facility FAQs

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Training Facility FAQs

Q: How fast should my GP registrar progress through GP365? 
A: GP registrars should be completing approximately two to three Key Clinical Activities (KCAs) per week, which equates to approximately one Learning Essential module per fortnight.

Q: What is the education requirement for my part-time GPT1/PRRT1 registrar?
A: GP registrars are required to complete their GP365 education in the first 12 months, regardless of whether they are working full or part-time.

Q: What are the consulting hour requirements for my full-time registrar?
A: Full-time GP registrars should be working 38 hours per week. Booked consulting hours vary depending on the term level. Consulting hours requirements are as follows:

GP term Consulting hours
GPT1/PRRT1 31 hours
GPT2/PRRT2 33 hours
GPT3/PRRT3 35 hours

The remainder of the time is made up with other activities. For more information, please refer to the WAGPET GP Registrar Handbook and the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars.

Q: What should our GP supervisor teach in the formal, face-to-face teaching?
A: The GP365 education platform provides a set number of topics to be covered during the first 12 months of general practice terms. There is also time for additional topics to be covered and topics for discussion can be suggested by GP registrar or GP supervisor. There are a variety of methods that the GP supervisor can use for this face-to-face time, including, but not limited to, lecture, case discussion, GP registrars can prepare a discussion on a predetermined topic, etc. GP supervisors are also expected to assist GP registrars to plan their learning, using a variety of tools available.

Q: Do we need to complete teaching logs?
A: You must submit your teaching hours as well as the GP registrar's consulting numbers via the WAGPET UX at least every four weeks.

Q: Do I have to provide in-practice teaching to GPT3/PRRT3 and GPT4/PRRT4 registrars?
A: Registrars in GPT3/PRRT3 and beyond require one hour of individual face-to-face formal teaching with the GP supervisor.

Q: Who are the External Clinical Teaching (ECT) visitors and what are my obligations?
A: ECT visitors will provide an independent assessment of your GP registrar. They will sit in with your GP registrar for three hours while they are consulting in your practice and meet with the GP supervisor afterwards to provide feedback and discuss any issues. ECT visitors will require the supervisor's assistance to book the time with the GP registrars and also the supervisor's availability, even by phone or video, to discuss afterwards.

Q: Who can I contact in my region in addition to the staff at WAGPET?
A: All supervisors have a regional Supervisor Liaison Officer (SLO), an experienced supervisor who reports directly to WAGPET CEO via the Supervisor Advisory Committee Chair. Supervisors can also call on the national supervisors’ representative body, GP Supervisors Australia (GPSA), as well as the Australian Medical Association (WA), if you are a member. 

Q: What do I do if there is a dispute with my GP registrar? 
A: Disputes can occur for many reasons and resolving them within the practice is preferable. If you are in a dispute with your GP registrar and it cannot be resolved locally, you have several sources of assistance:

  • your program training advisor
  • your regional supervisor liaison officer
  • GPSA, if you are a member (membership is free)
  • AMA (WA), if you are a member.

Please note WAGPET cannot give industrial relations/employment advice, however, we may be able to mediate a conversation between the training facility and the GP registrar if necessary, and provide clarity around terms and conditions contained within the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars or program-related matters.

For more information relevant to training facilities, download your copy of the 2020.1 WAGPET Training Facility Handbook.

If your question was not answered here, please contact your program training advisor.