ECT Visitors and Formative Mini-CEX Assessors

Make a valuable impact on our registrars as an ECT visitor or Formative Mini-CEX assessor.

Regular assessment and professional coaching are critical components of apprentice-style training programs like the AGPT program. External clinical teaching visitors and Formative Mini-CEX assessors provide independent advice, support and feedback to the registrars, their supervisors and their regional medical educators. They make a valid, reliable, measurable, practical and educationally valuable impact that helps ensure registrars are delivering safe quality care and receiving safe quality training. They provide teachable moments with an independent experienced peer and are regarded as among the most valuable components of the AGPT by registrars and one of the most rewarding opportunities for general practitioners to teach the next generation of their profession without over-committing themselves.

GPs wishing to express their interest in becoming accredited to deliver ECT visits or Formative Mini-CEX assessments, should complete an application form and submit this to together with supporting documents as outlined in WAGPET Training Facility Policy Handbook.