GP Supervisor and Trainer Support

Whether you are a GP supervisor, External Clinical Teaching (ECT) visitor, regional medical educator or sessional medical educator, WAGPET has a team of experienced medical educators and administration staff to support you.

GP Supervisor and Trainer Support

To assist you in your role, you will receive:

  • WAGPET's Supervisor Orientation for new supervisors
  • External Clinical Teaching (ECT) visitor training
  • access to online resources
  • supervisor education activities
  • access to College resources.

The Team that Supports You

Your Program Training Advisor is there to support you as you manage your GP registrar placements, they can assist with:

  • submitting in-practice teaching hours and consulting numbers every four weeks
  • accreditation / reaccreditation
  • updating your practice details
  • Aboriginal Health Training support payments
  • employment agreements enquiries*
  • practice capacity
  • registrar preferences
  • general enquiries.

*WAGPET is unable to provide advice on employment agreements other than to quote the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of GP Registrars

Supervisor Advisory Group

Each region has a dedicated Supervisor Liaison Officer (SLO) who is a point of contact for the supervisors within that region.

Every semester, the SLOs come together to meet as the Supervisor Advisory Group to discuss both the issues and innovations impacting on GP vocational training.

Find a Supervisor Liaison Officer