Apply to train in general practice with WAGPET.

Applications for 2022 will open on Monday 22 March 2021at 10am (AEDT) and will close at 11:59pm (AEST) Tuesday 20 April 2021.


An ACRRM fellowship is designed to expose registrars to a diverse range of health issues to prepare them for the challenges of rural and remote healthcare.


Offering both a general or rural pathway option, the RACGP fellowship is designed to equip doctors with the skills and knowledge they need to practise as a GP in both metropolitan and rural locations.

WA Rural Generalist

The WA Rural Generalist (WARG) program is open to junior doctors who have chosen a career in general practice and have a passion and commitment to the broadest scope of medical care - including emergency medicine in a rural hospital setting, advanced care in specialty areas, and comprehensive community general practice.  It’s medicine with meaning. For more information about the WARG program, visit the WARG website here.

Application process

Q: Am I eligible for the AGPT program?
A: In order to be eligible to apply for the 2021 AGPT program you must have: 

  1. General registration or be eligible to be granted it by the time you are due to commence the training program.
  2. Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or have permanent residency or be granted your permanent residency by close of applications.

Check out the the ACRRM Eligibility Guide and the RACGP Eligibility Guide for more infomation.

Q: How do I apply to the AGPT program?
A: Applications are made through the college of your choice via their website. Please refer to the ACRRM and RACGP websites to apply

Q: I haven’t completed the mandatory hospital experience, can I still apply?
A: Yes, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you are able to apply. You can complete the required mandatory hospital experience during the first year of the program. Please note that you will not be able to commence your community GP placements until you have completed the mandatory hospital experience.

Q: I currently hold a 457 Visa but gained my medical degree in Australia, can I apply to WAGPET?
A: No. Unfortunately, WAGPET is unable to provide a letter of support to Australian-trained 457 visa holders. For more information about 457 visa holder eligibility requirements, visit the ACRRM and RACGP websites.

Q: What preparation should I do before applying to the program?
A: We recommend reading through the General Practice Training in Australia Guide, ACRRM Eligibility Guide and RACGP Eligibility Guide.2020 Eligibility Guidelines available on the AGPT website.

Q: Can I apply outside the national application dates?
A: No, all applications to the AGPT program must be made through the national application process.

Q: Do I have to be already living in WA to apply to WAGPET?
A: No, you can submit your application online and complete your assessments in any state. You are expected to travel to WA for your in-person interview and, if you are successful, relocate in order to complete your training in WA.

Section 19AB of Health Insurance Act 1973

Q: What is Section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act 1973 (the ten year moratorium) and how do I know if I am subject to it?
A: This Act restricts access to Medicare benefits and requires those subject to it to work in a district of workforce shortage (DWS) for a period of ten years from when they first become registered in Australia. It applies to overseas trained doctors (OTDs) and foreign graduates of accredited medical schools (FGAMS) who gained their first Australian medical registration after 1 January 1997. If you are unsure about your moratorium status, please contact the Department of Health by email at

Q: Is it possible to be exempt from Section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act 1973 (the ten year moratorium)?
A: Yes, in some instances. You will need to email stating you wish to apply for an exemption to the Act for the purposes of applying for the AGPT general pathway and state your reasons why you cannot work rurally. If you wish to gain an exemption in order to train on the general pathway, you will need to have received your exemption prior to applying to the AGPT. Please contact the Department of Health by email at

Recognition of prior learning

Q: I have already completed 12 months hospital post general registration, can I go straight into my GP Terms / Primary Rural and Remote Terms?
A: No. When you apply for AGPT, you apply for the full 3-4 year training program. If you have already completed 12 months post general registration, you will be eligible to apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL). However, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to go straight into general practice as placement demand is high and there are a limited number of places. Therefore, you must have a hospital job lined up for the first year of the program. Please refer to the Enrolment, Placement and Employment Policy in the WAGPET GP Registrar Policy Handbook.

Q: If I apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) for my Hospital Training Time/Core Clinical Training Time, am I guaranteed to start straight into my General Practice Term/Primary Rural and Remote Training?
A: No. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to go straight into a general practice term at the beginning of your training. Availability of these terms is limited and demand is high. Due to this uncertainty, it is important that you have an employment contract with a hospital for your first year in the training program. Please refer to the Enrolment, Placement and Employment Policy in the WAGPET GP Registrar Policy Handbook.

Mandatory hospital experience

Q: Can the rotations I did as an intern count as my mandatory hospital experience?
A: Yes, hospital experience gained prior to receiving your general registration can be counted. However, all participants on the AGPT must have completed at least PGY1 and PGY2.

Q: Do the two terms in an emergency department that sees paediatrics admissions have to be consecutive to be counted as my mandatory paediatrics experience?
A: No, your two emergency medicine terms do not have to be consecutive to fulfil mandatory paediatrics experience. However, they each must be at least 10 weeks in length. You will be expected to actively try and gain as much paediatrics exposure as possible during both terms.

Q: If I am on the rural pathway, can I complete my hospital year in a metro hospital?
A: Yes, you will be able to complete your hospital year in a metro hospital. However, you will be required to complete the rest of your training in MMM 2-7.

Q: Can my hospital experience overseas be counted as my mandatory hospital experience?
A: In some circumstances, some overseas hospital experience gained in general medicine, general surgery and emergency medicine may be counted towards mandatory hospital experience. This will be dependent on the appropriate college censor. All required paediatric experience must be undertaken in an Australian hospital. 

General / rural pathway

Q: Where can I train?
A: You can undertake your training at any WAGPET accredited training facility. For terms when you are completing GP Extended Skills, Advanced Rural Skills and Primary Rural and Remote Terms (hospital-based), you can complete training at any of the listed training facilities on the Facility Finder page. If your chosen practice for one of these extended or advanced terms is not currently accredited, please talk to your program training advisor (PTA) as to whether it can be accredited.

If you are on the the RACGP rural pathway or are training with ACRRM, you will be required to spend your training time in a rural area MM2-7. On the general pathway, you are not required to go to a rural area. However, if you are passionate about rural community medicine, WAGPET will support you to train in rural areas. Please note, if you are a RACGP general pathway registrar, you must complete 12 months of training in an outer-metropolitan area.

Q: I am in Australia as an international student, am I required to apply to the rural pathway?
A: Yes. If you are an Australian graduate who began your studies as temporary resident, you are subject to Section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act and therefore, can only apply to the AGPT rural pathway unless you have an exemption from the Minister of Health. If an exemption is granted before you apply, you may apply for the general pathway. For more information, please refer to the Department of Health website or email your specific query to