The CAAKT exam

Following the eligibility stage, RACGP applicants must sit the Candidate Assessment Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT).

The Candidate Assessment Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT) is a 2.5 hour mulitple-choice test consisting of two types of questions; knowledge test questions and situational judgement test questions. There are 20 knowledge test questions and 50 situational judgement questions in the CAKKT.

Knowledge Test questions aim to test clinical knowledge. These questions do not focus on a broad range of medical knowledge, but specifically on acute emergency situations and potentially serious conditions. These are pitched at pre-vocational candidates (i.e. inters/junior doctors) seeking to enter general practice training.

Situational judgement questions aim to assess candidate’s judgement in a range of professional scenarios, often with a focus on ethical, moral, legal issues and professionalism. These questions seek to assess your reasoning in these scenarios. 

The questions will come in a range of formats so please read the questions and the instructions carefully.

How do I prepare for the CAAKT?

The questions in the CAAKT are partly derived using competency indicators from the RACGP Education Framework

The RACGP also have a number of resources to assist applicants with their CAAKT exam study. This includes a number of sample questions, you can access them here.

When and where can I do the CAAKT?
The CAAKT exam period runs from Thursday, 25 June until Saturday, 27 June. Applicants can choose their preferred location, time and date in which they would like to sit their exam.

It is important to note that spaces fill up fast, we recommend you secure your preferred spot as soon as possible!