Rural Health West 2019 Annual Conference


The 2019 Rural Health West annual conference theme Healthy Country Healthy Lives, focussing not only on the importance of our physical health, but also on the health of our environment and the community. 

There are increasing health complications and risks that environmental factors have on the planet, including natural features and aspects created by humans. Medical professionals have an important role to play in guiding the direction of Australia’s health and wellbeing and promoting good health through care of the environment.

Sustainable healthcare will also be explored and discussed with a focus on rural health systems, practises and workforce.

Through a range of presentations, workshops and clinical updates the conference will raise awareness about the environmental challenges to healthcare and how we can all work together to create a healthy country and healthy lives.

By recognising the relationship between health and the environment, we can make a difference to the health of our rural communities now and into the future.

The conference is open to medical practitioners, medical officers, medical registrars, specialists and medical students. To register, please click here.

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