Register for ACRRM’s online Mental Health course

The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine’s (ACRRM) provide an online Mental Health course with a specialised focus on rural and remote Australia by addressing issues such as isolation and drought and their next course starts 7 November 19.

Run over four weeks (one session a week) this online course was developed by leading general practitioners, mental health nurses, carers, consumers, psychiatrists, and psychologists and to provide GPs with an insightful overview of some of the most common mental health concerns in rural areas, including depression, anxiety, and somatisation disorders.

Participants who complete the course will receive access to Medicare item numbers 2715 and 2717 and will receive 20 PRPD points, with ACRRM members receiving a discount to attend.

Register for Mental Health on the ACRRM website.

Prefer to talk to someone? Contact the ACRRM courses team on 1800 223 226 or email or visit the ACRRM website to see where else ALS is travelling to in 2019.