RACGP Registrar series - common GP problems

The ‘Registrar series’ continues in 2019 with a full program of relevant workshops designed to assist GP registrars who are working toward fellowship in general practice.

As the initial point of contact for patients, GPs see the greatest diversity of conditions in any speciality. Thus, the ability to correctly diagnose and treat conditions, both common and rare, is paramount. 

In this workshop, we will examine some of the more common presentations. This interactive case-study discussion will cover:

  • the art of history-taking
  • performing a thorough examination
  • reaching the correct diagnosis, and
  • providing appropriate treatment.


Date: Tuesday, 19 February 2019
Time: 6.30pm (please arrive at 6.00pm for registration) to 8.30pm
Where: RACGP College House
Cost: complimentary for members 
QI&CPD: four Category 2 points

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