Perinatal in Practice Workshop - Esperance


This workshop aims to introduce health professionals to the current understanding of perinatal mood disorders and its management, using lecture, case studies and interactive exercises.

The topics include transition to parenthood, understanding attachment, screening and diagnosis, postnatal management and antenatal management. This is ideal for GP registrars, GPs, nurses, midwives and psychologists.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • recognise the psychosocial stressors that commonly affect parents in the perinatal period
  • opportunistically screen women for perinatal mood disorders using a screening tool and clinical interview
  • diagnose perinatal mood disorders as distinct from commonly experienced adjustment difficulties
  • assess the risk of untreated perinatal depression for the mother-baby dyad
  • select appropriate medications for pregnant and breastfeeding women when pharmacological treatment is indicated
  • develop a comprehensive management plan using a MHTP for women with perinatal mood disorders.'

The workshop is accredited with the RACGP for 40 Category 1 points.

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