Why GP: Dr Tara Aston

General practice is an attractive career choice for many reasons.

Developing long-term relationships with patients and their families is truly a very unique privilege. The diversity of the medicine is very appealing and it’s constantly challenging. One of the best parts of being a GP is the opportunity to upskill in areas that you particularly enjoy. Eventually, you attract patients requiring that particular skill and it becomes a greater percentage of your practice (for example skin cancer medicine, or procedural general practice). Most importantly, it allows an opportunity to have genuine work-life balance which is incredibly valuable in a profession that can be demanding, stressful and at times, emotionally exhausting. I’m very happy with my choice to become a GP and I wouldn’t change a thing.

The RACGP training program first became known to me in my final year of medicine through various promotional campaigns at university. It is a well-established organisation with an excellent reputation. Given my desire to work primarily in the Perth outer metropolitan region, it made sense to choose RACGP for my fellowship pathway. 

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