Why GP: Dr Lucia Dong Wang

Dr Wang shares why she chose to pursue general practice with ACRRM.

Why did you choose to become a GP?

I chose GP because I feel general practice is uniquely positioned to provide the preventative care, the continuity of care, and the patient relationships I really treasured in my clinical interactions. It also provided the breath and diversity of medical presentations that is intellectually stimulating and promotes lifelong learning and improvement. 

Why did you choose to train with ACRRM?

With regards to general practice, I was particularly passionate about rural health. Initially, because it encompassed all the qualities I like about general practice, but more importantly, because there still exists an unacceptable gap in health equity between rural and urban residents that I feel we can all contribute to the solution. ACRRM is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive rural generalist training. The college appreciates the diversity of rural medical care and also the need for greater range of higher skill sets when managing patients in isolated and resource constrained settings. I feel the training from ACRRM has helped me better prepare for my career in rural medicine. 

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