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The Commonwealth Department of Health is continuing to work with the GP colleges, RACGP and ACRRM, to define the future delivery model for GP training

There has never been a more important time to have your voice heard by the decision-makers on what GP training might look like post 2022.
There’s been inputs from many advisory bodies, organisations and agencies with a stake or interest in the outcomes.  This is vitally important.  I have prepared and sent many discussion papers on where we have come from in WA and what we must safeguard.  Each paper has had one central theme – the training model must be place-based and community-focused.   Obvious maybe but in WA we can’t afford to put that at risk because our system is succeeding, and we should continue to champion our achievements.
More than 170 GP registrars started a new semester in rural training in January.
Every GP rural practice that wanted a trainee GP this year got one and we have placed registrars in some of the hardest to reach WA towns.  We have the statistics to show that registrars choose to stay in their last training location in the long term and that nearly 90 per cent of registrars who have trained with WAGPET are still working in WA.

I expect to be able to update you more in the coming months as a functional map and milestones are made clear.  But don’t wait – the department and colleges are listening now. 

The GPSA has recently released the reults of their annual survey, which found GP Supervisors want the current GP training model used in WA to continue and are overwhelmingly feel they have been inadequately consulted on recent Federal Government changes to GP training. You can read the full GPSA survey report here

Disruption to the GP training landscape is inevitable but I can assure you WAGPET will live by our values, deliver on our core functions and continue to do our level best to meet community’s expectations throughout.

Adj Prof Janice Bell
Chief Executive Officer

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Adj Prof Janice Bell

Chief Executive Officer

If you would like more information about the transition, or if you would like to provide your feedback on the transition process, please contact us.