RACGP Foundation Harry Nespolon Research Grant study opportunity

GPEx is seeking your help, to participate in a survey as part of the RACGP Foundation Harry Nespolon Research Grant study, exploring the relationships between personally meaningful work-task engagement and job diversity, and GPs’ burnout/wellbeing.  

The Finding meaning through diversity – exploring the role of career and job diversity in GPs’ wellbeing research study focuses on one practical solution to decreasing burnout in GPs by identifying the relationship between career diversity and wellbeing. We will also explore the extent, the timing, and the enablers and barriers faced by GPs with respect to work diversification.

The results will be shared with the RACGP community, with practical strategies to improve wellbeing. These results will be important to inform future GP registrar training and GP wellbeing support and career counselling, as well as implications for GP related policy, GP workforce planning and modelling. 

The survey will be open for six weeks from Monday, 14 February. We

This project has received Ethics approval through Flinders University (Approval No. 4934). 

If you wish to be involved, please contact research@gpex.com.au,