The Department of Health has announced all registrars who secure training positions in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services in 2022 (for the 2023 training year) will have their contract honoured without change for 2023.

The AGPT Salary Support program provides funding for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services to host GP registrar placements.

This announcement confirms the level of support provided to practices in 2023 through salary supported training placements will not be affected by any changes to the governance and administration of the AGPT Salary Support program.

Salary Support placements will continue to be supported through Aboriginal Health training provided by the GP colleges, including the training and education provided by the work of Cultural Educators and Cultural Mentors.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander GP Training Advisory Group, co-chaired by Ms Monica Barolits-McCabe, CEO Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association and Adjunct Professor Ruth Stewart, National Rural Health Commissioner, has been convened to provide expert advice and to support the ongoing work of the Salary Support program.