Registrar opportunity: Next step drug and alcohol

Next Step provides a comprehensive range of inpatient and outpatient alcohol and drug treatment services, supports undergraduate and postgraduate education and undertakes clinical research. Services are located across the metropolitan area and are integrated with key non-government agencies.

GP Registrar positions are located at Next Step’s main clinical centre located at 32 Moore St in East Perth and the services provided at this site include an outpatient clinic, pharmacy and a 17 bed inpatient withdrawal service. 

Registrars can expect education and skills training regarding the comprehensive assessment and management options for individuals with substance use problems. This will include a detailed understanding of the management of alcohol withdrawal together with alcohol relapse prevention therapies. In addition, Registrars will be trained in the provision of Opioid Substitution Treatment (Suboxone and methadone), and will become authorised to do so by the Department Of Health.

A rotation with Next Step will also result in the development of skills in managing mental health issues and successfully utilising boundaries in the provision of psychoactive medications. These skills will be invaluable in future careers in General Practice.

Check out this explanatory Youtube video:

Next Step Alcohol and Drug Service - YouTube


If you're interested, please contact Dr Richard  O'Reagan at