SPM21 conference cancelled

Message from the WAGPET CEO

It is with great sorrow that we have today cancelled the WAGPET Supervisor and Practice Managers Conference (SPM21) you were going to attend next weekend at the Rendezvous Hotel.

This decision was made after deep thought and much consultation, listening to many of you who contacted us. We spoke last night with each of the Chairs of the Supervisors’, Practice Managers’ and Registrars’ Advisory Councils (SAC, PAC, and RAC), as well as the Chair of WAGPET, and this was their determination. We all felt the potential and unpredictable risks to you, your colleagues, your patients and your communities brought about by new cases of COVID in the community in recent days were too high for us to go ahead.

We will manage the deconstruction and the financial recoup where possible, but if you feel you are particularly disadvantaged as a result of this decision, please reach out to me and we will see what we can do.

The good news is the joint SAC, PAC and RAC meeting will go ahead as planned by zoom, aimed at ensuring your voice is heard on the impact or proposed changes to GP training in 2023.  We were going to launch at SPM a “message stick” for all of you, towards the same end, and this will go ahead in a different way; stay tuned.

Stay safe, as we will help you to do.

Adj Prof Janice Bell
Chief Executive Officer

Shannon Crosby

Program Delivery Officer, Metro