Once you have applied for the AGPT program, you should receive notification by your college of your eligibility and progression onto the next application stage of the application process. 
If you're an RACGP applicant, your next stage of applications is the Candidate Assessment Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT).

What is the CAAKT?

The CAAKT is a 2.5 hour multiple-choice test consisting of two types of questions; 20 knowledge test questions and 50 situational judgement test questions. 

  • Knowledge Test questions aim to test clinical knowledge. These questions do not focus on a broad range of medical knowledge, but specifically on acute emergency situations and potentially serious conditions. 
  • Situational judgement questions aim to assess candidate’s judgement in a range of professional scenarios, often with a focus on ethical, moral, legal issues and professionalism. These questions seek to assess your reasoning in these scenarios. 

How do I prepare for the CAAKT?

The questions in the CAAKT are partly derived using competency indicators from the RACGP Education Framework

The RACGP also have a number of resources to assist applicants with their CAAKT exam study. This includes a number of sample questions, you can access them here.

Keep an eye out for an email from the RACGP promoting you to enrol for your CAAKT.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak to a member of the WAGPET team, you can get in touch in a number of ways: