The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is fully committed to the transition of the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program to the RACGP by the 1st Jan 2022 and acknowledges the complexity of this transition. The RACGP acknowledges that the journey to the future training program is much longer than the formal three year AGPT transition period and is developing its 10 year GP in training vision and associated plan that incorporates the formal AGPT transition as one component of this vision. The RACGP is committed to fully utilising the opportunity presented by AGPT transition to further enhance this world class GP training program.

The RACGP is committed to a partnering approach. This approach includes active involvement of GP members and particularly of GPs in Training. The formation of the GP in Training Faculty is of most importance at this time in the evolution of the RACGP. This approach includes full involvement of all Faculties and particularly the state Faculties. Partnering includes full involvement of supervisors and supervisor representatives. It also includes active involvement of the GP Education and Training Providers: the Regional Training Organisations (RTOs) and the Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS). The RACGP is already working with the RTOs and RVTS in the development of the future training program and following, in the implementation and ongoing evaluation of the training program. The RACGP remains fully committed to the decision made by the Board in April 2019 that affirms the essential nature of a distributed model of training. The RACGP acknowledges the localised expertise in GP education and training across Australia and acknowledges this is an essential feature of a successful future program. A component of the partnering model is that no decisions about future structures and systems are made in isolation and no decisions are made without consultation and engagement with those affected by those decisions.

The future relationship between the RACGP and local expertise and GP education and training providers from 2022 onwards will be outcome focused. The RACGP will set the standards and will indicate the outcomes expected to be achieved and the local organisations will be expected to adhere to those standards and to achieve those outcomes. This partnering model, coupled with the standards and outcome measures will require change within the RACGP and within each GP education and training provider. The RACGP is committed to working closely with all personnel to develop and implement the highest quality training program that meets the needs of communities, supervisors, GPs in Training and the health workforce in Australia. This can only be achieved because of the historical efforts already made by many key individuals and organisations who have previously contributed significantly in GP education and training. The RACGP sincerely thanks those who have previously been involved and is enthusiastic to work with everyone in building this next chapter in GP education and training.

Source: RACGP