Meet our staff

We have a great team supporting the delivery of the AGPT program in WA. Below you will find out who the people are behind the program.


The AGPT Team is made up of the Program Operations Manager, Program Coordinator, Program Training Advisors (PTAs) and Program Support Officers. Each PTA is dedicated to a specific region of Western Australia to provide support, high quality mentoring, guidance and education. To find the individuals working in your specific region, please refer to the Contact Us page.

Medical Educators

WAGPET's medical educators are dedicated to providing support, high-quality mentoring, guidance and education for the AGPT program. To find the medical educator designated to your specific region, please refer to the Contact Us page.

Aboriginal Health Training Team

The Aboriginal Health Training Team endeavours to ensure GP registrars have opportunities to learn appropriate, culturally-capable behaviours. WAGPET's cultural mentors operate as the GP registrar’s resource for any cultural advice/teaching and advocacy they may require during their training and practising of GP.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Team keeps all our systems running in sync. Email or contact a member of our team below.

Management Team

The Management Team consists of the Finance and Office Manager,  Program Strategy and Innovation Manager, Program Operations Manager, Information Systems Manager, Quality Assurance Manager and the Aboriginal Health Training Manager.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services can assist with any finance, human resources, marketing and communication related queries. 

Quality and Strategy

Executive Team

The Executive Team consists of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Experience Officer, Director of Clinical Training and the Executive and Stakeholder Relations Officer.